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The inflammation Diseasome

Posted on : 07-07-2011 | By : Fabio Sanchez | In : Articles


Inflammation Diseasome

Inflammation Diseasome: This network illustrates the complexity of the genetics involved in inflammatory diseases. Every disease here is represented as a square with colors ranging from white to red. The size of the squares indicates the number of connections drawn from the corresponding node. Every disease has several genes associated with it and in some cases diseases are connected to each other through one or more genes. Every line is labelled with the chromosomal region where the genes are located. The thickness of the lines indicates the frequency with which a genomic region is associated with some of these inflammatory diseases. Feel free to rearrange this network as you study this aspect of inflammation. This network is an attempt from the author to represent common genetic factors in inflammation from a global perspective, following the concept of diseasome as developed by Albert-László Barabási and collaborators. 

Thanks to Christian Tannus Lopes & Max Franz for insights into  embedding networks using Cytoscape Web. / Fabio Sánchez
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