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Inflammatory epilepsy?

Posted on : 20-06-2011 | By : Fabio Sanchez | In : Research

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Could inflammation cause epilepsy? Many researches think that is the case. This is a new and exciting field of research that might bring about new ways to manage this terrible disease.

Here is one paper that suggests TNF alpha, an immune molecule with proinflammatory properties, can affect the way nerve cells respond to their environments.
Kiarash Riazi, Michael A. Galic, J. Brent Kuzmiski, Winnie Ho, Keith A. Sharkey, and Quentin J. Pittman
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2008 November 4; 105(44): 17151–17156. PMC:2579393

Inflammation begins with a trigger

Posted on : 11-06-2011 | By : Fabio Sanchez | In : Articles

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Our bodies are programmed to save heat when exposed to cold environments and to lose heat in warm environments. When we are cold, our peripheral circulation slows down, our muscles contract and shake and our movements become sluggish. In warm places we release heat through the widening of blood vessels and sweating. Our neuro-hormonal thermostat regulates all body systems in order to maintain the right temperature, which translates into metabolic balance inside our bodies. Similar systems function in an autonomous manner to keep our energy supply, to contain or control injuries after trauma, to promote reproductive behavior, etc. Metabolic programs, reflexes and instinctive behavior help us maintain our basic functions in balance, they are essential tools that allow us to adapt to our environment. Inflammation is an essential mechanism whose primary function is to contain and repair any damage to our organs. In reality it is not possible to think about inflammation as an isolated mechanism. Whenever it becomes activated, all other systems in the body are affected.  Inflammation results from the crosstalk between many different bodily functions in response to some external challenge. Scientists are finding evidence that certain groups of molecules initiate and propagate the inflammatory responses.They have been named inflammasomes.   What are inflammasomes? why are they relevant to inflammatory diseases? Do they really exist or are they constructs of our imagination?

Inflammasomes on the spotlight!

Posted on : 11-06-2011 | By : Fabio Sanchez | In : Research

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The reputed scientific journal Nature Review of Immunology has published the paper "Emerging inflammasome effector mechanisms." by M. Lamkanfi (Nat Rev Immunol. 2011 Mar;11(3):213-20.). The paper aims at describing how inflammasomes might be operating in order to regulate the natural desfenses in the organism, which, we call innate immunity. It also discusses the role of inflammasomes in tissue repair.
Fabio Sánchez

Research about inflammation

Posted on : 11-06-2011 | By : Fabio Sanchez | In : Research

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This section of the www.inflammes.com website will bring you descriptions of recent advances in the research of inflammation related topics. I will add a comment of my own to simplify some of the concepts described in the original papers. This selection reflects my own preferences and is not intended as a systematic review of the litterature. Fabio Sánchez, MD, MSc, PhD

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Articles about inflammation and inflammatory diseases

Posted on : 11-06-2011 | By : Fabio Sanchez | In : Articles